IT Consulting

By choosing  Astazenta as your Technology consulting partner you are saving your time and cost on your project. Using our broad base of professional and technical expertise in Databases, Operating Systems, Networking, Software Development, cloud computing, and Identity and Access Management, We are ideally suited to assist companies in designing, developing and implementing systems. In addition, we provide on-site outsourced management services, technical skills from desktop and right through to high-end infrastructure management. Our IT outsourcing expertise can contribute significantly to the growth and profitability of any size of business. We provide those management and support functions that free you to concentrate on your core business, whatever your configuration or business.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a digital-era fundamental. It is critical to business agility, helping organizations respond with speed to disruption, bring innovation to market fast and scale rapidly. As a technology consulting and software development company, we specialize in cloud computing and cloud services. We’ve invested years in honing our holistic approach to the cloud across industry verticals. We know how to leverage the power of cloud. We help our clients become end-to-end cloud-ready and level up their cloud capabilities to drive digital innovation within their organizations.

Cloud Migration

How should existing workloads ideally transition to the cloud? Migration requires an injection of fresh thinking. Our cloud accelerator model can help you quickly realize benefits from cloud initiatives with best practice, architecture, and knowledge transfer built-in. Does your organization need to boost the efficiency and effectiveness with which it executes cloud proofs of concept, migrates its applications to AWS environments or drives adoption of cloud services across the enterprise? Our DevOps approach and Accelerator Model can help you quickly realize a benefit from cloud initiatives with best practice, architecture, and knowledge transfer built-in. Astazenta leverages the powerful capabilities of DevOps approaches and Web architecture and services to help organizations develop, realize and scale innovation faster, perform at digital pace and to transform.

Cloud Optimization

Continual improvement of the cloud environment is vital to drive performance, reliability, cost-efficiency, security, and governance. We apply the AWS Well-Architected Framework to remediate across these areas and ensure best practices. While hyper-scale cloud platforms offer ease of accessibility, the sheer number of architectural choices can prove daunting. How can organizations ensure that their workloads are optimized – cost-effective, performant and secure according to cloud best practices? AWS’ Well-Architected Framework provides guidance across areas to optimize the architecture of cloud systems. By regularly conducting reviews, we ensure that the customer’s workloads are optimized frequently.

Information Security

We specialize not just in technology, but in the process of translating business requirements to technological solutions. Our guiding vision is to use technology to further business goals. Architecture definition involves translating IT strategy, goals and vision into practical e-business infrastructures. Astazenta’s Consulting solutions are based on a specific Identity & Access Management domain experience. Our domain expertise allows us to provide solutions that constantly exceed our customer’s application security and access requirements. Since we work with customers without any vendor bias, there is no ambiguity about our intentions.

Database Consulting

Astazenta’s strong pool of highly skilled Database Consultants allows the company to engage in Expert Database Consulting while ensuring that its Database clients have excellent service. The company is often brought in under emergency conditions to solve time-critical issues or to resolve challenges that have proved beyond a clients’ in-house capabilities or resources. We are able to bring to bear a cross-section of expert skills and experience to ensure a speedy resolution. Database Consulting Services are supplied to carry out Database clustering, Database Replication, Database Mirroring, Disaster Recovery, Database Management System Tuning, Database backend SQL Tuning, Database Activity Monitoring, Database Virtualization, Data, and Database Migration, etc.,