Product Development

We develop unique products using the mobile platform. Our products vary across the different spectrum like finance, education, supply chain management, entertainment, etc., With Astazenta as their development partner customers can realize the product vision successfully.

Innovative Products

We at Astazenta follow Agile methodology led product development. We do intense research and brainstorming before starting any project. We follow our high-empathy and low-bias philosophy to build low-fidelity wire-frames to get an understanding of what works. This allows us to capture relevant feedback and put forth better solutions iteratively. We strive to get the right balance in the user experience for all personas. We focus on creating intuitive designs that cut down the cognitive load on users. We have experience in architecting & designing products using diverse technology stacks. We build flexible, high performance and scalable platforms.

Our designs make human-computer interaction intuitive and simple. Every interaction is empathetically designed keeping our end users in mind. Anudhinam, Smart Umpire, and Apartment Management system are the products that are currently in our pipeline.